Perhaps you have already seen an Invokana lawsuit commercial and wonder what are your legal rights. A lawyer specialized in diabetic drug amputation can better answer any of your Invokana questions.

While Invokana, a diabetes medication, has been the subject of lawsuits before, recently new evidence has emerged that links the drug to amputation.

Research has shown that patients who received Invokana treatments are twice as likely to undergo lower-limb amputation comparing to diabetes sufferers who did not take the drug.

You need to act fast if you had an amputation due to Invokana problems, including the loss of your leg, foot, or toe.

You need to be aware of the fact that you have the right to start an Invokana lawsuit. You can get compensation if after taking the  diabetes drug Invokana and you had to undergo an amputation.

However, you shouldn’t wait before taking action because that right won’t last forever.

We all know that amputations of lower limbs are common in patients who suffer from diabetes.

However, you might not know that the Invokana medication that is supposed to manage your diabete,s could raise your amputation risk. The drug could be to blame if you lost a leg, foot or toe to amputation while taking Invokana for diabetes. In this case you should know what are your legal rights, including the right to find out if the medication has led to the amputation of your limb, and the right to money damages as compensation for the harm you have suffered.

Invokana is part of the drug class gliflozin, the medication is used to manage type 2 diabetes. Invocana is the brand name for the generic drug called canagliflozin.

The manufacturer of the drug is a division of Johnson & Johnson called Janssen Pharmaceutical. The drug is supposed to regulate blood sugar in patients with type 2 diabetes. However, Invokana is not meant to be used to treat type 1 diabetes, which has a different cause.

Invokana has only been  on the market since  2013, and it has been a popular seller. The drug works as a SGLT2 inhibitor. More exactly, it inhibits the renal glucose reabsorption. This way, your kidneys can remove your excess blood sugar,through urine, protecting your body from damage due to glucose remaining in your blood.

Patients suffering from type 2 diabetes expect that Invokana will help them control their blood sugar levels and manage their diabetes, not to face other serious health conditions like limb amputations. But some of the risks posed by the diabetes drug Invokana are deadly.

Among the most serious risks of Invokana is limb amputation.

Research has shown that patients who took Invokana have ended up needing to undergo toe, foot and leg amputations. Limb loss is a very serious condition. Survivors face multiple challenges such as recovering from the amputation surgery and adjusting to life without their limb. It is highly advisable to pursue an Invokana amputation lawsuit in order to receive the monetary compensation you deserve.

Invokana Warnings and The First Invokana Black Box Warning

The issues with Invokana started with some earlier warnings that the drug could lead to heart attacks. However, after following patients who took Invokana, researchers noticed a far higher rate of amputations. The causes that lead to this increased amputation risk are still unclear.

The FDA first notified the public about the potential danger of taking Invokana in May 2016.

The federal drug agency continued to investigate over the next year. Meanwhile, some patients who hadn’t heard the news continued to remain uninformed and at risk. Invokana labels still do not contain any mention of the possibility of limb loss.

After a second clinical trial study had confirming the findings of the first study, things had changed by May 2017. The FDA announced that it will require Invokana to notify patients of the amputation risk on a black box warning.

According to the clinical trial, the probability to undergo an amputation if taking Invokana is 9 out of every 1,000 patients. However, in the short time Invokana has been out on the market, this is not the first time that the diabetes drug has led to legal claims. FDA has received hundreds of reports of side effects just in the first year that followed the approval of the drug.

Most lawsuits related to various Invokana injuries have resulted from causing heart disease, kidney damage, heart disease, and diabetic ketoacidosis, a life-threatening condition. Now it also became clear that Invokana puts you at risk of life-changing amputations. Patients are now pursuing  Invokana legal claims due to limb loss.

Invokana’s many side effects range from the mild to the severe. Some side effects such as yeast infection, dizziness, and a rash typically only cause discomfort. Others, like bone fractures, kidney damage, pancreatitis, and ketoacidosis are more serious. However, few Invokana side-effects are as drastic and shocking as a limb loss.

Johnson & Johnson is the one that should face the consequences if you have suffered harm from using their Invokana medication.

If you have suffered pain and disability and have spent tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills, you have to claim the right compensation.

You deserve full accountability from Johnson & Johnson and compensation for the harm you have suffered.

You need to be aware of the fact that many of the Invokana claims are class action lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson. A class action claim typically involves a group who suffered similar harm from the same cause, or a mass tort claim that suits your specific injuries.

There are various pros and cons of individual claims and class action. Only an experienced Invokana Attorney can help you decide which option is right for your circumstances.

Your Invokana lawyer will help you fight for the best compensation and settling your case out of court if possible. This can help you avoid the expense of going to trial. The settlement may include money to pay for the medical expenses, the cost of the amputation surgery as well as prosthetics and rehabilitative therapy

In case that the damage to your foot or leg kept you out of work, you can also get compensation for your lost wages. In cases that losing a limb made you permanently disabled an Invokana attorney can help you get compensation for future loss of income, as well.